Nemesis Stream Team Profile - SocialXGhoul

Tue 31st Jul 2018 - 6:01am General Gaming

SocialXGhoul is a man of many contradictions. A sweet baby boy at heart, but a lecherous grandpappy in public. A Health and Fitness major, but himself a thicc slice of juicy deliciousness. A loud gent in company, but…well I guess he’s loud in private too, and in isolation, or pretty much anywhere really, so this narrative has already fallen apart. Let’s go with the loud thing instead.

At the age of four, Socs raided his neighbor’s house. He slammed through the door, all 17 kilos of him, and barked in near-English, “GIMME EM GAMES!!!” His neighbors, aghast at this adolescent intruder, coalesced as he played their NES games as though they were his own. To avoid similar issues in the future, his parents decided to buy him a console of his own.

Over the years, he would bark many things. “GRRAAHHH SUPERTENDO!!!” earned him his own SNES. “ONE WHAT GOT 64 INNIT!!!” summoned a Nintendo 64. “ASHLHLKJSDHFKGSLKJSHKJSDHFUY!!!!!” was clearly supposed to express his interest in some pasta, but the PlayStation he received would suffice.

The shrieking and guttural sounds escaping from under his bedroom door prompted numerous phone calls. Concerned calls to grandparents, noise complaints from the neighbors, an exorcist or two, etc. The situation was hopeless.

Now if you’ve read any of these profiles, this would normally be the part with the “but then X happened”, so I have to apologize ahead of time. No “X” happened. There wasn’t ever and never will be a solution. This is just who SocialXGhoul is now. A wild beast let loose on the internet. Who allowed this to happen? I hear he likes Korean fried chicken, but I would expect giving him what he craves would only increase the volume. We have a real situation here.

Please. Send help.

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