Nemesis introduces USMC Veteran Josh Little as Content Director (YouTube)

Fri 14th Sep 2018 - 7:13pm General


How long have you been involved in esports?

I have been involved more heavily on the esports side of gaming since I started commentating in 2013.


If you were to cast any major esports title right now, what would it be and why?

I would love to commentate CS:GO. The game's atmosphere is amazing and the plays can be even more insane to commentate over.


With Nemesis being a relatively young organization, which other large organization do you admire and respect that Nemesis could benefit emulating in some form or fashion?

I have personally been a huge Team Kaliber fan primarily because of the friendship I built with Sharp early in my commentating career. A good majority of their team is super respectful and really sticks to the grind.


What are some of your personal goals in and outside of Nemesis that you hope to accomplish?

Some of my personal goals outside of Nemesis is to focus on my own mental and physical health while finishing my bachelors in Information Technology. As a part of Nemesis, I aspire to help see help creators provide quality and entertaining content.


What traits from your time in the military can directly correlate to success in esports?

My biggest trait coming out of the military that I still have to this date is effective communication. In esports, having effective communication can lead a team to be successful and can even help them win tournaments or championships.


If you had a choice between casting a championship, coaching a championship, or being a member of the championship team, which would it be?

Casting a championship for sure! I would love to have the opportunity to cast or voice some of the biggest plays of the year.


We are excited to have Josh join our ranks at Nemesis and look forward to the future of our organization!