Nemesis Vainglory Team Going to WESG Canada Finals!

Mon 1st Oct 2018 - 11:41pm General Gaming

Nemesis Esports is proud to announce that our Vainglory team will be competing in the WESG Canada Finals, in Toronto!

The field has been narrowed to only the top 4 teams in all of Canada, and it should come as no surprise that ours is among the best of the best. The finals will be taking place in Toronto, Ontario, from October 26-28.

Join us in congratulating them on this incredible achievement!

Check out our amazing team roster:


Francis "TacticalAgent" Choo, has been interested in competitive gaming since Call of Duty 3. He took his interest to the pro scene beginning shortly after, with the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ladder, along with notable players such as his former duo partner, Craig "Pluto" Walker.

TacticalAgent is known for leading Team e2k in Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and the Modern Warfare 2 Pro Circuit Ladder. In 2016, he made an appearance at the World Gaming nationals for Uncharted 4, with VanQuish Gaming. TacticalAgent also played for Panda Gaming in the World Gaming Infinite Warfare tournament in 2017.


Keenan "Slakks" Flamand is a natural born MOBA player. He has sharpened his skills playing a variety of MOBA's such as League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and Dota 2. Slakks has attended multiple local LAN events and placed highly every time.

Fate brought Slakks into Nemesis' ranks, when he happened upon a 4 year old Facebook post from TacticalAgent! This will be Slakks' first major competitive event since qualifying with Nemesis.


Dominick "Kriptynite" Thomas dipped his toe into the competitive scene with Call of Duty 3, but he is most known for his Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops achievements. Kriptynite placed top 3 in Modern Warfare 2 Pro Circuit Ladder 1 and 2, where he played for Team Threat, along with Ryu, Flawless, and the Call of Duty World Champ: Vengeance.

Kriptynite went on to finish as one of the best objective players in Modern Warfare 2, voted by Fwiz and Optic Rambo. In 2016, Kriptynite joined forces with TacticalAgent in the Uncharted 4 World Gaming nationals, for VanQuish Gaming.


Giuliano "GeeCis" Cisternino has been friends with TacticalAgent since high school. Together they have been gaming since their Freshman year, where they became friends via Killzone on PSP.

GeeCis enjoys a variety of games and has competed in various GameBattles tournaments over the years. This tournament serves as GeeCis' big league competitive debut.


Matthew "Surtified" Thomas, formely known as BestName, is Kriptynite's younger brother. He is far from inexperienced in the competitive scene, having played with Kryptynite through Call of Duty 3 and Modern Warfare. Surtified has also played for various teams during his Modern Warfare 2 Pro Circuit Ladder run.

Having shown his skills during team qualifiers and the beginning of the WESG Canada tournament, there is no doubt that he is a world-class player.


Look forward to the WESG Canada Finals at the end of this month, and watch Nemesis Esports wreck the competition!



Chird Oyer