Introducing Nemesis FE - Nemesis Esports' All-Female CS:GO Team

Fri 5th Oct 2018 - 4:40am General Gaming

Nemesis Esports is proud to announce our brand new, awe inspiring, noob wrecking, competition dominating, OP af, all-female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team!!!

These five incredible women will be competing in the WESG USA National Qualifier this coming weekend. Get hyped to watch them mop the floor with their competitors!

Now, without further delay, please welcome your starting line-up:


Samantha Gardull, of North Carolina, has been going hard on shooters from the jump. Her dad, as most responsible dads do, introduced Samantha to video games by having her play Doom. She went on to play Doom 2, Heretic, Wolfenstein 3D, basically any classic shooter she could get her hands on.

It’s no surprise then that once she played CS:GO, she was instantly addicted. Samantha has been playing now for three years straight, but once she watched some professional girls playing, she knew she wanted to get to that point some day.

Beginning last year, Samantha competed on several small teams, including a few with her current teammate Slapknutt. Their team dynamic and Slapknutt’s affiliation with Nemesis lead Samantha to organize Nemesis FE.


Juli “MissPerceived” Tosic, of Illinois, got her start in competitive shooters after watching her brother play Unreal Tournament III. Since they shared a computer, she would look on over his shoulder and absorb as much about each game as she could, and occasionally dip into them herself. One game in particular that stuck out to Juli was Counter-Strike: Source. Before even touching the game, MissPerceived had learned all the maps and was immediately comfortable taking control.

After CS:GO released, Juli got her hands on it and was immediately hooked. She started out playing casually, but when she learned about the existence of an all-female CS:GO team, CLG Red, she knew she wanted to take her gaming to the next level.

MissPerceived began playing with a purpose and a goal in mind, and her determination immediately showed results. After hearing through a friend that Nemesis was getting a team together, she knew that this was her opportunity to break into competitive eSports.

MissPerceived will be making her eSports debut with Nemesis FE.


Naomi Sauvola from Michigan has been competitive in every sport she’s ever played. It’s no surprise then, that after destroying her brother in Mortal Kombat and playing in Battlefield 3 tournaments with her father, she began to have professional eSports aspirations.

With two years of competitive Battlefield 3 under her belt, Naomi discovered CS:GO. The skills she had acquired transferred over perfectly and she was soon accepted onto her first all-female team. After making a solid effort and coming in fourth in qualifiers for Intel Extreme Masters – Katowice in 2016, Naomi and her term rallied and took first place in qualifiers the following year. The newly dubbed Team Silhouette were then flown out to Poland to compete on what would be Naomi’s first international stage.

After the conclusion of the IEM tournament, Silhouette disbanded, leaving Naomi as a free agent. She heard that Nemesis was starting up a new all-female team, and joined up as the team’s In Game Leader. Naomi loves the satisfaction of winning a round due to the strategies that she’s created, and Nemesis is looking forward to her tactical thinking leading us to victory!


Natalia “Natty” Jackson, of Maryland, has her grandma to thank for setting her on the path to professional gaming. Natty’s grandma was a huge gamer and introduced her to the hobby by way of Bomberman.

Additional thanks is owed to Natty’s friend, who not only introduced her to the world of competitive gaming, but also got her started playing CS:GO. She has been fully immersed in it ever since.

Natty competed in her first LAN event last year at a local convention with her friends. Since then, Natty has played three seasons of ESEA, including last season, where she and Samantha, along with the rest of their team, Never Xpected, qualified for ESEA Intermediate through playoffs. Natty will be going into her fourth ESEA season along with her Nemesis FE teammates.


Jules “Slapknutt” Thor, from California, was introduced to gaming by her mom. After playing some League of Legends, Jules took it easy for a bit with a handful of MMOs, but she knew she would get back to competitive gaming sooner than later.

And get back to them she really did, in a huge way. Slapknutt has invested over 8000 hours in CS:GO, played on multiple competitive teams, and competed in several tournaments.

Most recently, Jules and Samantha teamed up, and they were instantly enamored of their cohesion. So much so, in fact, that Samantha was inspired to put together Nemesis FE.

And there you have it folks. Samantha, MissPerceived, Naomi, Natty, and Slapknutt are your newly-christened Nemesis FE!

Hide your kids, hide your wives, because they’re going for the throat, and no one will be able to stop them. Prepare yourselves!



Chird Oyer