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Official Stream Team

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  • cupofrobots

    Matt Papcun

    I'm just a bartender from Detroit fixing the world's problems with comedy. Bartenders are sages of wisdom and advice and that's what you can expect from me. Ask me anything from how to set up OBS to how to get through a bad break up. I'm a bartender. It's what I do. The recipe for fun calls for a Cup of Robots. PO Box No. 1321 BIRMINGHAM, MI 48012 ...Read More

  • strylander

    Marcus Stryland

    ...Read More

  • LudoGG

    James Rhombus

    I stream out of Canberra, Australia. If you tune in to the stream you'll see a lot of Fortnite. I'm in the top 0.1% for Wins and Score in Squads and aim to become recognized as one of the best Fortnite players in the OCE. But I love all sorts of games, from all sorts of genres and plan on giving Speedrunning a good crack too. Feel free to duck in and say hey, we're a friendly bunch!...Read More

  • DanglesTV

    Nicolaas Earley

    ...Read More

  • strikehedonia

    ...Read More

  • rubbertyrano


    Late night variety streamer so chill you can fall asleep to....Read More

  • stephyy

    Estefania Monrroy

    hello i like games and cheetos O_O...Read More

  • buttpirate

    Mat Theobald

    Im a twitch streamer for NemesisGG I hail from the land down under.. Australia mate! I am a high energy variety streamer who is growing now even faster with the work of nemesis, and look forward to what twitch can throw at me! :D <-- Find me here ...Read More

  • cheyye

    Cheyenne Gilbert

    I'm just a goodest goil live on the strims & doin you a bamboozle...Read More

  • SaitoRaijin

    Donaven Stevenson

    Hi im Donaven AKA the Raijin and all you need to Know is DB , DBZ , and DBS ( Dragonball) and Vegeta is Number One....Read More

  • Annyahilator

    ...Read More

  • Respawn

    Former Marine Infantryman, turned LEO, turned private military contractors...turned international superstar! Host of the #1 show that no ones heard of, A Late Night Respawn! ...Read More

  • TMAC

    Tom McDonald

    ...Read More

  • imDan

    Dan Cre

    ...Read More

  • HybridPlaysGame

    Austin Olson

    I love to game and entertain, come find me on twitch @HybridPlaysGames Hope to see you there....Read More

  • radee

    Ethan Arnold

    I'm a variety streamer that centralizes around MOBA's + BR's and MMO's - I play the games to have fun, but I also aim to be the best. Come check out my channel for non-stop action, hilarious moments and a great time....Read More

  • connquest

    Conner Clark

    My name is Conner a.k.a. Connquest and I'm from Sacramento, California! I'm 29 year-old bartender who loves competitive gaming but also enjoy fooling around and having fun with the community! I also enjoy talking sports, music, crypto and poker. I'm a pretty laid back and chill dude just looking to have fun and build a community of awesome people and spread that positivity!...Read More

  • magzgamergirl

    Maggie Wilson

    PC. PS4. XBOX. SWITCH. Community focused variety Streamer where anything goes and salt is the main ingredient. ...Read More

  • Pennywisettv

    Lets Broo0o !! Hey, it's Pennywise :) I live in the great white North of NA yep CANADA! I have been playing console and PC games for about 20 years heck yeah. I was a game tester for Nintendo of Canada between 2002-2005 for the DS and Wii. I am in my first year of streaming and loving it I hope to see you drop by sometime. Much love ninjas xox ...Read More

  • drcsyntax

    Larry Sanmiguel

    ...Read More

  • HybridPlaysGame

    Austin Olson

    I just like to play games....Read More

  • Shandragan

    Shannon Hughes

    Crazy Aussie Streamer/Singer/Guitarist trying to live the dream of being a professional streamer! Don't be shy, come say hi! :D ...Read More

  • WishingWitch

    Dariya Bohryetsova

    Passionate gamer and broadcaster, professional marketologist...Read More

  • Macdoodle

    Marc McCall

    I'm very high energy, always staying positive trying to uplift anyone and everyone I can, trying to enjoy life and have a good time. ^_^...Read More

  • slapknutt

    Jules Thor

    My name is Jules! I am 19 years old. I have been streaming on Twitch.Tv since 2014! I only enjoy FPS games such as Counterstrike & Fortnite! ...Read More

  • unfazzedd

    Eric Lamont

    26 Years young FPS savage, coming from 10 Years of top competitive halo from H2-H5. I have finally slowed down my halo grind (for now) to prioritize streaming and build a following and community around me and Nemesis! Background in Sound Enginnering and Iphone repair. Loves Fishing,contact sports, and good music! ...Read More

  • F34rF4cToR13

    I am a full time streamer and talent scout for Nemesis Esports. Has anyone ever said to you "Stop wasting time playing video games!" I didn't listen. One of the reasons I love Video games is that they are living, moving, changing worlds of art....Read More

  • grimli

    About me? Check out: - It's all there. I promise ;)...Read More

  • trickstershadow

    Trickster Shadow

    Fulltime Twitch streamer and college student....Read More

  • crayylee

    ...Read More

  • Wolffaith

    People call me Wolfie and you're welcome to do so too. I'm a 24-year-old girl from Denmark. My favorite things are cats, plushies, the universe, pasta and bad jokes. I love playing video games and reading books....Read More

  • EggShell

    Greg Schell

    I'm a full time streamer with a lifetime love-affair with PC Gaming. Now I'm the resident old man with a beautiful wife and 2 kids I'm passing on my love of Gaming to....Read More

  • evilmrhyde

    I mostly play Neverwinter, but i've been known to play other games as well from time to time. This stream is basically a sociological experiment. I started streaming to overcome my personal social anxiety, and to hangout with like minded individuals. I'm a chill streamer, I like to keep it all friendly and fun for everyone. I am a local aristocrat and purveyor of the fine arts....Read More

  • girloftherealms

    Maria Lynn

    Just a hyper, cosplaying, bookworm, noodle slurping gal who enjoys way too many games with way too many people! I love meeting new friends and attach myself to people's hips who enjoy similar games and/or fandoms. So say hello, I'm not too shy....Read More

  • hiShorty

    Looking for a chill, positive stream with just a hint of salt? Stop by my channel! ...Read More

  • KamikazeAliens

    Kamikaze Aliens

    Prue bred gamer that has been streaming for two years. Content creation is something I bleed and not just love. So if you're wanting an outer world experience then come on over to the Alien's! ...Read More

  • KingSlev

    John McNeely

    Hey I'm John, but most call me Slev. Originally from Kansas City, KS, but have been living in Poland for the last 2 years for my wife's work. No work visa for me so I took to streaming full time. I have been gaming since I can remember and took up PC gaming about 5 years ago. I play a variety of games but tend to gravitate towards games with a competitive PvP component. I love to have a good time and rack up some wins in whatever I'm currently playing! ...Read More

  • socialxghoul

    Daemon Leeder

    Eats burritos...Read More

  • SurrealJD

    Jesse Dang

    What's up! My name is Jesse aka SurrealJD and I've been streaming on Twitch for a little over a year. Currently I'm enjoying battle royale games such as Realm Royale and Islands of Nyne. If you're looking for competitive game play and quality memes, come hang out at More

  • tigerdoll

    ...Read More

  • Warn

    Trevor Chevrier

    I'm a variety Twitch streamer ready to build a community of like minded individuals. I primarily stream Pokemon, Overwatch and Fortnite. ...Read More

  • princessflick


    ...Read More

  • Mazakur

    Joseph Anderson

    Founder/CEO of Nemesis...Read More