Nemesis CSGO roster (Final Update 9-1)

After a good performance at Nerdstreet Oceanside, Nemesis’s CSGO roster has another match in ESEA Advanced against LifeThruGaming (LTG). After a well played game on Nuke and a well played game by both sides Nemesis receives the loss putting their record at 0-5.

Nemesis’s CSGO team competed well at Nerdstreet Oceanside! They went a total of 2-1, this record lead them to a total placement of 5th. In Game 1 they won with a record of 16-4 on Overpass , for their second game they competed on Inferno there they had a record of 12-16 leading to a loss, and on their third and last game they played on Mirage, they went with a record of 16-5 which resulted in a victory


Nemesis’s CSGO roster comprised of many high skill individuals has arrived at Nerdstreet Oceanside!!

Our CSGO roster is prepared for its first online game in ESEA advanced this game is against TeamEros, come and tune in on!! Good luck to all the players!!