Nemesis Valorant

Heading into 2024, Nemesis has decided to start with local initiatives and work with esports teams in Texas alongside other top level competitive teams. With this initiative in mind, we can try to build a successful ecosystem within Texas to support meet-ups, meet & greets, bootcamps, and other events while competing in both local and international competitions. This will also boost our marketing capabilities as we will be able to collaborate more closely with the team and it’s creators.

Currently, Nemesis Valorant is also competing at the high school level in San Antonio in R20 at San Antonio’s new Tech Port Arena, of which they are defending champions. We plan to coach, guide, and build this team to be eventual collegiate and professional champions in Valorant. While for some it may not be as exciting as signing a Valorant team already at the top of the rankings, we are more invested in the cultivation of grassroots programs, and the sustainability of esports long-term. We hope that you join us in welcoming Nemesis Valorant and watching our journey into creating a world renown brand, inside and outside of Valorant.

You can view the announcement HERE, and view the team at the link below.