Nemesis finishes 9th/12th in COD Champs for NA and APAC

Nemesis returned to their esports roots by picking up rosters in Call of Duty for the COD Champs Finals for Asia Pacific and North America.


The North American roster consisted of:

Gavin “Apexcitys” Hedinger
Sam “MonGhoster” Wilcox
Jacob “JakeXO” Coggins
Andrew “Lurid47” Graham

Jacob “Druxyyy” Eldridge


R1: Won 3-2 over No Mercy (9th-12th)

R2: Lost 0-3 against Atlanta FaZe Academy (4th)

LR2: Won 3-1 against CecotCycle (17th-24th)

LR3: Won 3-0 against Pryde (13th-16th)

LR4: Lost 0-3 against UYU (7th/8th) and eliminated


The Asia Pacific roster finished 9th/12th and consisted of:

Rhly “Stocka” Nicholls

Daniel “Bondy” Bond
Jarrod “Cregan” Hathaway
Kane “Swanny” Swanson
Liam “LI4YM”¬†Scott


R1: Lost 0-3 to Altered Edge Mercs (7th/8th)

LR1: Won 3-1 against Just 4 Looks (13/16th)

LR2: Lost 0-3 against 2Slow (5th/6th) and eliminated